Friday, April 2, 2010

The magic of focus

The Miracle Of Being Focus…
“Focus is what drove u miles to miles, while confusion brought you miles to nothing”. This significant phrase shows us to be success is none other than the word “focus” and the word “confusion” will always be the enemy that makes u tumble . So do you understand now how important is focus in our life? Without gaining true focus, every art piece will never gain the word “perfection” nor merely called a success, it will forever be a flawed piece and truly a miserable regret in our life.
Therefore “Why thrive for failure when you can obtain perfection”. The key that separates this two arch enemy , success and failure is simply just focus. Simple? Yes, but how to obtain full focus? . Maybe some of you all will think that focus is already within you all, but sorry to say that truly in this world, person that truly focus in everything they do is actually less than 5%...One of them is the greatest scientist in the world, Albert Einstien. However this great scientist still do make mistake and accident but everything he done is really a master piece. Remember photograph? Everyone know photograph but do you all know that photograph is actually invented accidently by Thomas Edison when he was trying to invent something else, kinda unbelievable right? Or how about the story of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes where Kellogg accidently left boiled wheat on a baking pan overnight and puff out the corn flakes that we are eating everyday. Extraordinary people with extraordinary life. However my purpose of this story isn’t to amaze you all but to strike awareness in the heart of everyone. We may not be someone like them for we are different and special. Word ain’t something that can prescribe us but action will do. The barrier that differentiate us and them is just focus, for we always that things easy and overlook them. “A clever man solve a problem,a wise man avoid it” and “try not to become a man with success but a man with value.” Then, you will learn that you can be someone like them, where people respect and admire your whole life. “we ain’t born perfect for we are learned to be one.”

“Dedication is what make us to grow”
“while controversy is what make us fall”

Written by,
( inspired by Einstien “The world As I see it” )

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