Friday, April 2, 2010

The magic of focus

The Miracle Of Being Focus…
“Focus is what drove u miles to miles, while confusion brought you miles to nothing”. This significant phrase shows us to be success is none other than the word “focus” and the word “confusion” will always be the enemy that makes u tumble . So do you understand now how important is focus in our life? Without gaining true focus, every art piece will never gain the word “perfection” nor merely called a success, it will forever be a flawed piece and truly a miserable regret in our life.
Therefore “Why thrive for failure when you can obtain perfection”. The key that separates this two arch enemy , success and failure is simply just focus. Simple? Yes, but how to obtain full focus? . Maybe some of you all will think that focus is already within you all, but sorry to say that truly in this world, person that truly focus in everything they do is actually less than 5%...One of them is the greatest scientist in the world, Albert Einstien. However this great scientist still do make mistake and accident but everything he done is really a master piece. Remember photograph? Everyone know photograph but do you all know that photograph is actually invented accidently by Thomas Edison when he was trying to invent something else, kinda unbelievable right? Or how about the story of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes where Kellogg accidently left boiled wheat on a baking pan overnight and puff out the corn flakes that we are eating everyday. Extraordinary people with extraordinary life. However my purpose of this story isn’t to amaze you all but to strike awareness in the heart of everyone. We may not be someone like them for we are different and special. Word ain’t something that can prescribe us but action will do. The barrier that differentiate us and them is just focus, for we always that things easy and overlook them. “A clever man solve a problem,a wise man avoid it” and “try not to become a man with success but a man with value.” Then, you will learn that you can be someone like them, where people respect and admire your whole life. “we ain’t born perfect for we are learned to be one.”

“Dedication is what make us to grow”
“while controversy is what make us fall”

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( inspired by Einstien “The world As I see it” )

THe Sweetest Success

The sweetest success
Do you know that nothing feel better than success? I’m sure everyone of us experience success before and really enjoy it, but is it really a sweet success or just a merely enjoyment…
In my whole life, I encounter a lot of success but the only one I called sweet success is less than ten. Success isn’t something easy to gain for to gain success, we often need to face a lot of road block where difficulty is always in our way. Some people stop, some people overcome it and others avoid it. People who stop and don’t dare to take a step forward, will never taste the feeling of success for they so call loser. While they who avoid the problem may gain success but surely the taste of own success will never be as sweet as the one who overcome it. For these people who overcome it, they will not only gain experience from the difficulty but also know how truly valuable is success to be. These people may face a lot of failure in their way but they will never give up and will keep on thriving for success. When they really taste success, they will found out that their taste of success is much more valuable and sweeter than others for they not only gain success but also every experience on the way to success. “

“a clever man solve a problem, a wise man avoid it.” – Einstien-

This is the different between a wise man and clever man, they who solve the problem will surely be much stronger than the one who avoid it for they learn from every problem they face and grow to be better.
“Failure is always a better teacher than success .” I truly realized this magnificent meaning when I face failure in my trial exam 2009. It make me found out that I isn’t as ready as I think I am and I had too much weaknesses that needed to overcome, my failure teaches me that I need to thrive harder to perfection and increase my true potential . Finally, many people adore me when I gain my result for I done an excellent job and I should be happy about it but deep inside i never consider it a sweet success. For in my path of gaining this success, I heartly saw a lot of my soul survivor that always fight alongside with me fall one by one. All because they felt overconfident and slowly becoming reckless because of their little success in the trial and neglect the final exam. I did think and try to acknowledge them but maybe the strength within me isn’t great enough and my effort of helping them weren’t so big after all for the word ‘selfish’ slowly take over me. All this time, It had became one typical regret in my life. In my heart, the real feeling of sweet success is always something to be taste and share together with other. Success will never mean a thing in my life if the success I gain can only bring happiness to my life and not the others that I love.
Try listen to this story, it’s written by John C. Maxwell but I change it a bit to make it more suitable for this topic.
Turkey And The Bull
A turkey was chatting with a bull.“I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree,” sighed the turkey , “but I haven’t have the energy”.
“well,” replied the bull, “why don’t u try stepping on my dung? It’ll make you jump higher.
The turkey step on the lump of dung and found that it actually gave him ability to jump to the lowest brach of the tree.The second day, he step on more dung and he reaches the second branch. Finally, after a fourth night, he proudly perched at the top of the tree.But he was promptly spotted by a hunter, who shot him down the tree.
“BS might get u to the top but it won,t keep u there”
You all must be curious that what it have to do with today topic? …this story is just a way for me to synchronize a lesson to you all that is success should always be gain by yourself and not the help of other like the wise one, for others may help you reach the top but they will never keep you there. If you don’t have the potential, you will surely fall again,but if you’re the clever one that overcome the problem, you will forever be the top for you have what it take to be there. P.S “Thrive for the best and you will not gain less”.

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(inspired by several famous author)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Frosty True Feeling

The Life Of Little Frosty
Hai everyone, this is frosty.This is my new blog,im really grateful for u guys that willing to spend time viewing my post ..Arigato Gozaimas,I don’t know if I spell it right lol..even for the one who accidently came in,I like to say thank you all.Hoping everyone will support my blog n spend time viewing my newest post,my intention of building this post is for everyone of us,this blog aint just for me but it meant for everyone of u,this will be where I spend all my time sharing all my thought and advise to u all and where u all can give out comment and feed back to me…But Let me mention 1st for Frosty aint a perfect guy,so pls forgive me if I say ever said anything that hurt u all.Here a bit info on frosty, so u can know frosty better.. =)
My Biodata:
Name: Frosty
Age : 20 (2010)
Height: 174 cm about 5 foot 7
Weight: Confidential

All right where my life starts,i came from a common family,aint rich nor poor dad work for a resort as a manager.i got 1 big bro n 2 small bro,all guys no girl lol ..maybe u all feel kinda curious that I kinda skip bout my mum part did u? That because when I was small about 10,my parent had a divorce,so I seldom have time spending with them .I was in my mum legal care till im 12 years old then I change to my dad care about 13 till’s kinda puzzle aint it?But i can tell u all,it aint easy when u don’t get the love from both side,sometime u will feel sad and lonely,the feeling of adoring at other will often appear as u seeing others have parent with them while you just have a part of them. But my advice for u guys especially the one who also face the same condition as me, starting u will feel as if the world gonna end n your heart kinda like gonna tear apart. For that is what I feel but I began thinking optimistic where I found out that ,I did gain a lot of benefit from it too ,I had learn a lots of stuff that I never obtain if it never happen. I learn to be more independent, where I learn how to cook, taking care my brothers and cleaning the house… I know how to manage myself and kinda take over the mum responsibility.Yup it’s kinda epic but it’s true.For we know, divorce is a problem between them and isn’t anything that we can interfere about, for love is all about them..if love didn’t exist anymore,the bond between them will just be a burden and pain.

“ Therefore I learn that no matter what happen, optimistic is always the key to solution.Alway try seeing good from bad and never drop on your knee.once mistake never meant the end for u,but a chance for u to thrive better nextime,try making it a lesson than a mistake that u will regret forever in life.” Believe me u can do it !

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(inspired by Frosty’s true feeling)